Submission, a word that comes easy to some but against the grain for others.  Historically speaking, men have always claimed that they had some power over women and women in turn never really questioned their motives. As this is my website I want you to know that this is just an opinion, you may not agree with me and that is your prerogative perhaps create your own website and disagree on there, that is also your own prerogative.

When I look back at history I can’t help but wonder why men have tried to dominate woman and think they can get away with it in the long run.  It is a huge shift in balance which made man feel they are superior to everyone, no one appointed them ‘superior of the sexes’ yet somehow that’s just how it was.  Since the beginning of time it has been the ‘white man’ vs other races (no race in specific I’m referring to slavery around the world in general).  Whilst the race war was going on, there was always still the ‘Man vs Woman’ war (in all races around the world).  Which, in my opinion, means that even though white man thought he was better than other races, all men in turn thought they were more superior to woman.  Where does this mentality come from and what exactly started it?  We may not be as physically fit as men but when it comes down to it, we can certainly match up to any man, in every respect. I’m casting my mind back to the ‘early man’ and can imagine a caveman sitting around a fire with his cave woman and looking into her eyes and thinking that he was going to show her that he was dominant over her. Now the only reason I can think of is that as human beings we have a subconscious desire to feel better than those that threaten us.  It is a bully tactic but nevertheless a tactic that has worked very well over the centuries. What reason did the caveman have but to feel the need to not see the cave woman as his equal? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to treat her the same as he would the other cavemen? why all the hassle in hating her and forcing her to be inferior to him?

Bring your mind forward to modern-day society, the bully tactic hasn’t worked out. Yes there are still some men who think they are superior but in general I think mankind has learnt through trial and error that not only can women match his every move but we can outsmart him and out play him. We bear children, we raise children, we hold down jobs like he does and we can juggle it all while wearing heels and looking sexy as hell. Slowly but surely there is a shift in balance where men acknowledge the powerful mindset of a woman.  They see the determination that she has to be successful at all costs and while watching her fight for equality her learns to respect and be in awe of her magnificence.  Not only have we proven ourselves as equals a lot of woman have excelled and can undoubtedly ooze superiority. It is these few woman who have become women in power, women who will never be equal to anyone as they are completely and utterly Dominant in every aspect.  The tables have since turned where man now will come to these women and beg to be dominated by them, begging them to teach them how to be submissive and longing to be used, humiliated and abused by them just to be able to be in their presence.

It  is fascinating to be a part of it, not all women can do what we do (some have tried but never really pull it off).  Those women either hate what we do or they themselves become subs to show their respect for the Dominant Woman.  Once everyone learns where they are on the spectrum, they in turn learn to submit or walk away.  Learning to submit can be the most terrifying experience however it can be the most exhilarating that anyone could ever experience.  You have your life that you live everyday, you wake up, go to work, come home and live in the proverbial white picket fence house with your family but never really feeling fulfilled.  something is missing because you know deep down you are ‘acting alpha’ for society to see but deep down you are yearning to be on your knees licking a Dominant woman’s shoe and waiting on any command she is willing to give you, should you so deserve a task. Once you are able to break free from the brainwashing that has been done to you by society and submit to the dominant woman you will never truly have a fulfilled life. Yes sure, you will have vanilla sex with a pretty wife perhaps go buy a boat or a nice car and do whatever it is that enables you to look superior. however every time your wife leaves the house you will whip out the toys, try on her knickers and grab a brief moment to yourself to try fantasize about a Dominant woman forcing you onto all fours and ruining your manhood.  You find yourself walking down the street staring at women, their feet, their hair, their legs, their ass…the way we walk, the way we talk. Everything about us is undeniably desirable to you and you can’t stop yourself. Why? well that is easy to answer, it is the power of the pussy! Woman have bought many men to their knees, in love and war and many men have fought and killed because of the alluring power that women have over men. it wont change, this is how it is and learning to submit to that very notion is what is the beginning of a beautiful transition within you.  So tell me, dear friend, are you still contemplating the transition or are you man enough to submit?